Penny Bacchiochi Endorses Kurt Vail



State Rep. Penny Bacchiochi Endorses Kurt Vail for State House Seat

 STAFFORD- State Rep. Penny Bacchiochi (Stafford & Somers) today announced she is supporting Stafford resident Kurt Vail in his run for State Rep. in the 52ndDistrict, a seat Bacchciochi has held for the last 12 years.

Bacchiochi said, “Kurt Vail will be a fresh voice in Hartford on issues that the people of Stafford and Somers care deeply about. He understands the challenges that face small business and will work to reduce red tape and over regulation.”

“I have known Kurt Vail and his family for many years and I believe he will be an asset to the district. Kurt knows Hartford has to address its overspending and unfunded liabilities. Kurt understands these key problems and is ready to address them,” added Rep. Bacchiochi.

Kurt Vail is a former prison guard at the Osborn Correctional Institution in Somers and is a lifelong Stafford resident currently working as an insurance agent in Stafford. Vail had served on the Stafford Board of Education and is also involved in the Stafford youth football program and has been since 2006. Vail is also a father of four children.


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