Francis James Vail

Today would have been my father’s, Francis James Vail, 93rd birthday. Roughly 10 years ago he was interviewed by someone from CCSU, for their Veterans History Project, about his experiences in World War II. Above is that entire interview. “Jim” was a good man, a great father, and a proud American and I miss him every day. Hope you enjoy. Happy Birthday Dad!


Citizens Election Program



Hello friends, welcome to our web page. Here you can follow all that’s going on with the campaign. I am excited to announce that we have submitted our paperwork to the Secretary of State’s office for the Citizens Election Program grant. If everything is approved we will receive a grant for $27850 to use for the campaign.¬† I would like to thank all those that have contributed and those who have helped on the campaign thus far.

We have engaged fully in our door to door campaign, and I am looking for volunteers to walk or drive with me to meet voters in both Somers and Stafford. Please call me at (860)458-9266 or email me @ if you are interested. We will be updating this site regularly to chronicle our progress. I am Kurt Vail, and I approve this message.